Before a drop of Limbay Gin touches your lips I’d like to share its story ...

The backdrop to this tale is the perfect balance between the natural world, the human spirit and the eternal sea. From the beauty of the Adriatic, to the fruit it bears; rich in oysters and rock samphire and the tenacity and traditions of our unique coastal communities with their ancient spices and foods, not to forget the purity of the Vila spring water cascading from the Kamnik Alps and then our woodland terrain offering up Slovenian linden and rosemary, as well as the piney, fruitiness and pepperiness of our legendary juniper.

I’ve enjoyed my own sense of freedom, navigating this beautiful landscape by soaring through our magnificent blue skies and sailing our pristine waters and in doing so I’ve found my inspiration in the timeless beauty of Lim Fjord (Lim Bay), with its blend of sea and freshwater and fertile landscape making it one of the jewels of the Istrian coastline.

One summer day, my friends and I attempted to transport an oak barrel to an oyster farm, but by some twist of fate, old Dionysus reached out and took it from us and it tumbled to the ocean floor.

After an arduous search we eventually retrieved it and celebrated, by filling it with gin. Instantly, it took on a uniqueness in smell and colour as well as a mysterious power we attributed to the oysters ... and so the legend was born.

Each year I make and fill up to 6,000 bottles. The same care I dedicate to picking and selecting most of the ingredients that I use to make the gin is also devoted to bottle design, as Limbay Gin is made above all for pleasure …

This is the true story of how Limbay Gin came to be. As for the details of this palate-teasing, soul-warming recipe, that part will have to remain my sweet and salty secret.

So now you know our story, I think your first glass will be all the more heart warming.